The Tale on the Making of TALES OF AN ANCIENT EMPIRE - April/May 2008

The Tale on the Making of TALES OF AN ANCIENT EMPIRE – April/May 2008

by albert on November 25, 2010

We locked a budget at $450,000 and schedule to shoot 11 days in Argentina in early May 2008. We wired funds down to Argentina and construction of sets, props and costumes began in earnest in late April.

Then we began to have issues crop up, one was their seem to be a lack of reasonably priced hotel rooms. We were told it was due to an incoming convention. So the budget began to balloon. I wanted to see pics of the make up effects progress, but these were difficult to get. So now I was getting nervous about the production and the budget continue to creep upward. I was frustrated that it was going to cost far more than the Left for Dead shoot just a year later which stunned me as the exchange rate was even more in our favor than when we shot LFD.

Finally, I lost a bit of confidence in shooting this in Argentina. I decided to pull the plug before we went any further. It was a tough decision because we had already sent funds to Argentina and Victoria Maurete was making good progress in her prep for the shoot. We had Christopher Lambert and Kevin Sorbo ready to travel. So it was a big deal to cancel the shoot in Argentina.

But it was really the best decision. I don’t regret it because you can’t shoot in a distant location with the issues I had. I know it was incredibly disappointing to the Argentine crew and cast, but there was really no alternative. In the end, my deepest regret was losing the opportunity to collaborate with Spanish Production Designer, Sergio Hernandez. He was designing a film with scope and artistry. SEE HIS PRODUCTION DESIGNS BELOW.

So we began a worldwide search for another shooting location and situation.

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