NEW BULLETFACE REVIEW "Albert Pyun Has Done It Again"

NEW BULLETFACE REVIEW “Albert Pyun Has Done It Again”

by albert on March 11, 2010


Even though I knew the basic plot, I was totally unprepared for this movie, and blown away by it at the same time. It is an excellent excursion into the dark side of humanity, for sure. And after watching it, I believe that Mr. Pyun achieved exactly what he wanted to when he said,

I really wanted it to be, stylistically, like a contemporary version of those great B crime thrillers from the poverty gulch studios of the time like Monogram. They were shot fast (Bulletface was shot in 5 days), shot on the cheap (Bulletface cost just a bit less than $100,000) and shot with a lot of creative desperation which mirrors the plights of the Bulletface characters.”

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