An Update...sorry to have been away!

An Update…sorry to have been away!

by cynthia on November 6, 2010

Well, we did ship a foreign version of Tales to fulfill some contractual obligations. But Newmarket Films is acquiring the North American rights and we are finishing a different version for them which includes a completely different opening 5 minutes and a completely different final 10 minutes of the movie.

At some point, I will have to write down what happened over the 3 years it took to really shoot and finish the movie. Its a hairraising tale for sure.

But as we wind down on Tales, our focus has shifted to finishing Cool Air and Road to Hell and to see both released early next year. Both had some technical issues to get past but its moving through post smoothly now.

With Tales soon to be finished, I’ve moved to developing my next 3 or 4 movies. First will be the Tales sequel “RED MOON” which Newmarket acquired as well. back to back to RED MOON, I intend to shoot a Cyborg sequel called CYBORG LEGACY…The Slingers. There’s no script yet but I’ve discussed the movie with Terrie Batson from Cyborg and she’s willing to reprise her role of “Mary” from Cyborg. Also I spoke with Sasha Mitchell and Michael Pare about playing to slinger friends of Van Damme’s Rickenbacker. ¬†Sasha would play Salvatore Ibanez and Pare’ would play Alvarez Martin. I haven’t spoken to Olivier Gruner but I hope he would agree to play the third slinger, Strat Cordoba. I’m trying to connect with Vince Klyn so he can reprise Cyborg’s main villain, Fender Tremelo.

Following Cyborg Legacy, I will do a remake of Mean Guns (1997). Reset on an offshore oil rig instead of a prison. This planned for January/February.

Tales has been so much of my life since December 2007 that I’m a little rusty in getting these projects going. Red moon has a script already and Cynthia Curnan has commenced on Cyborg Legacy…The Slingers.

More updates and news soon!

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Phil November 11, 2010 at 8:05 pm

So if “Mean Guns” will be a remake – any chances to release soundtrack by Tony Riparetti from original “Mean Guns (1997)”???

albert November 14, 2010 at 11:21 pm

Yes, I believe Tony is going to engage a label to release the music sound track.

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