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Filmmaker Albert Pyun has directed over 45 films, beginning with the 1982 action-adventure film, THE SWORD AND SORCERER, which still ranks as one of the top grossing independent films of all time.  It was re-released by Anchor Bay on DVD in 2002 and continues to enjoy screenings at conventions and festivals around the world. He followed with the highly original RADIOACTIVE DREAMS which won the top prize as Best Picture at the Brussels International Film Festival of Fantasy (BIFFF). His action film, TICKER, was awarded the Most Successful  Non-Theatrical Release of the Year for 2002. His science fiction cult classics, CYBORG and NEMESIS, both opened theatrically in the top five of North America box office.

Pyun began making films in Kailua, Hawaii, where he wrote, directed and produced 8mm and  16mm short films. Several of these were entered into film festivals and he won the Hawaii International Film Festival before moving to Los Angeles to begin his film career in earnest. Following high school, Pyun was invited to Japan where he served an apprenticeship with Master Director Akira Kurosawa and acclaimed cinematographer Takao Saito under the sponsorship of Japanese superstar, Toshiro Mifune.

The filmmaker is known for twisted futuristic action films. He says he makes movies for 14 year-olds, his age when he made his first movie. Although pursued by the studios, Pyun has chosen to work primarily in the independent community free from interference. Continually faced with challenges to secure sufficient film financing, Pyun became highly inventive about how to make the very most of disappearing film budgets.

Pyun has directed such internationally acclaimed talent as Charlie Sheen, Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Damme, Christopher Lambert, Dennis Hopper, Teri Hatcher, Thomas Jane, Rutger Hauer, Rob Lowe, Burt Reynolds, Natasha Henstridge, Tom Sizemore, Courtney Cox and Michael Pare`. He brings a unique stylistic approach to each film, and is known for his blistering action set pieces as well as successfully combining several genres in his films. Always looking to push the technological and creative edge, Pyun, in the 90’s, directed three all digital urban films with rap superstars, Snoop Dogg, Big Pun, Nas, Chilli, and Ice T.  He endeavors to do something new that he’s never done before in all of his films.

Pyun’s recent projects include INVASION, AKA INFECTION, a horror feature filmed in one single shot, released by Lions Gate (2007) , which won Best Movie and Best Director at Spain’s Estepona International Festival of Fantasy (2005) and LEFT FOR DEAD, a horror/spaghetti western, released by Mandate Pictures/Lions Gate (2008) that won Best Director in Estepona (2007).

BULLETFACE, an grim horror thriller will be released in 2012.

COOL AIR, an adaptation of H.P. Lovecrafts’ short story of the same title and  ROAD TO HELL, a riff off STREETS OF FIRE, starring Michael Pare’, Clare Kramer and Roxy Gunn are all scheduled to be released in 2012.

In TALES OF AN ANCIENT EMPIRE, Pyun returns to the Sword and Sorcery genre. It is filming now and stars Kevin Sorbo, Michael Pare’, Sasha Mitchell, Olivier Gruner, Melissa Ordway, Whitney Able. Lionsgate released the film January, 2012

CYBORG: Rise of the Slingers is prepping to be shot in the Fall of 2012.

Filmmakers from around the world claim Albert Pyun’s influence on their work and careers. His films have been released by every major studio in Hollywood and he has made films for a diverse companies such as Newmarket Films, Miramax and Sony. He has filmed on every continent in the world.


Cynthia Curnan, Ph.D. is an author, screenwriter and producer who began servicing film productions in 1998 for independent filmmakers, most notably Albert Pyun and Filmwerks, Inc. She worked on the URBAN TRILOGY, starring Snoop Dogg, and TICKER starring Steven Seagal. Curnan started Curnan Pictures/CMPS, LLC as a mobile production service business for ultra-low budget film production, collaborating with a growing collective of small independent film production companies to produce, promote and distribute feature films, including TALES OF AN ANCIENT EMPIRE, a sword and sorcery fantasy/adventure, starring Kevin Sorbo and Christopher Lambert, ROAD TO HELL, a psychotic thriller, starring Michael Pare`,  Clare Kramer, and Roxy Gunn. BULLETFACE an erotic thriller, LEFT FOR DEAD, a horror/spaghetti western shot in Argentina, COOL AIR”, adapted from  H.P. Lovecraft, and INVASION aka INFECTION filmed in one single unedited shot, released by Lionsgate.

Independent filmmakers have always faced a behemoth challenge getting their films made and released, but in today’s market, nothing short of Herculean efforts, banding together, sharing expertise and resources insure a film’s success. Curnan Pictures welcomes inquiries from other low budget indy filmmakers having difficulty securing distribution for their films.



Sazzy Lee Varga (Calhoun) started her career as model at 18 in Ogden, Utah. Varga’s modeling career took off when she moved back to Wisconsin and after a short time as a dental assistant, moved to Southern California. Varga has been on magazine covers and calendars, some of her notable credits include STUFF, Easyriders, Hot Bike, Total Skater, Street Rodder, Hot Rod Bikes, American Rodder, Truckin, Playboy, Hot Pirate Babes, Venus Swimwear, Body Glove, Benetton, and Sisely Jeans.

Varga has been painted by artists, David Nestler, Anthony Guerra, and Bryan Kemila. An author of “Sazzy’s Cookin” to come out summer of 2010.

Varga’s career also branched into film and television as she appeared in “Chupacabra Dark Seas”, (“Purser”-Sci-Fi), “Blind Injustice” (“Alumni Clerk”-Lifetime) “Faultline” (“Sandra Blacker”-PAX), “Trapped” (“Bikini Babe” Hear TV), “KottonMouth Kings” for MTV, “Baywatch”, and “Angel Eyes”. She has worked alongside fellow Super model and actress, Rachael Hunter, Academy Award-winner Faye Dunaway & “The Spy Who Shagged Me” star, Robert Wagner.

Knowing that acting and modeling might only go so far and wanting something more, Varga got to work behind the camera, doing film production. Her first production job was with Albert Pyun on the cult hit “Nemesis”. To date, Pyun and Varga have now done over 21 films together and she was thrilled to produce for Pyun. “Albert’s ideas and visions keep you on top of your craft and cutting edge in the industry” (Varga says)

Varga is currently in India hosting and producing a series of Travel shows shooting in Delhi, The Tibetan Areas of North and South India and Varanasi for the foundation she is co-founder of “The Tibetan Photo Project”:http://www.tibetanphotoproject.com

The goal of The Tibetan Photo Project is to provide the tools and technical education in photography and film to create a voice for the films and photos shot by Tibetans in Exile.


An accomplished film composer, Tony began his music career performing in bands as a guitar player, singer and songwriter from 1968 until 1984. During that time, he had record and publishing deals and toured with his band in the US and Europe, as well as performing as a session player for other artists.

His film score career took off in 1984 when Director Albert Pyun asked Tony to score a few scenes for the feature RADIOACTIVE DREAMS. Since that time, Tony has collaborated with Albert Pyun on over 30 films, and has over 40 films to his overall credits. For the film POST MORTEM Tony flew to Bratislava, Slovakia where he recorded a full 70-minute orchestral score with the Radio Slovakia Orchestra.

In addition to being a composer, Tony has expanded his film career by adding music and sound effects editing, sound designer and re-recording mixer to his resume. All of this is accomplished in his Santa Barbara-based recording studio (Sound Logic Recording Studios). Besides film scoring, Tony has written music for commercials, documentaries and television network series (NBC’s WIND ON WATER (1998). Tony’s most recent film scores include INVASION, released by Lions Gate, COOL AIR and BULLETFACE, both in post production.

Tony has donated many hours lending his musical/studio expertise to up-and-coming film and music students spanning a diverse cross-section (world music, hip hop, new age and rock).

He has just completed a new album of his original music, “Not So Silent Movies”.

Tony is also known as:

The Low-Budget Sound Doctor
Santa Barbara’s Tony Riparetti Makes Music for Movies You’ve Never Heard Of…more

Sound Logic Recording Studios
130 N Calle Cesar Chavez # 13
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
(805) 564-3441

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